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  • The advantages of Plastic packaging boxes
    • August 19. 2021

    The advantages of plastic packaging boxes Plastic packaging box has developed into an essential part of our life,it is widely used in packaging food,gifts, cosmetics,daily necessities and other retail products. Now please follow me to understand the advantages of plastic packaging box: 1. PVC packaging box production technology has been very mature,so there are a lot of PVC packaging boxes on the ...

  • Plastic Blister Packaging Production Process
    • May 13. 2022

    Macaron Blister production process and process Platic blister packaging can be made into different shapes, different sizes and different colors, it is widely used in toys, food, commodity display rack, electronic products, medicine, electrical appliances, gifts, cosmetics, stationery and other products packaging. So what is the manufacturing process for the blister packaging used for food mac...

  • Stunning Macaron Display Package - Macaron Tower Stand
    • May 21. 2022

    Stunning Macaron Display Package - Macaron Tower Stand Macarons are a snack that doesn't lose value over time and remain one of the most popular snacks of all time.You spent so much time making them, they should have a little stage, not be laid out on a plate,so you need the perfect quality packaging to go with this sweet treat, such as a delicatemacaron display stand. Macaron tower stand is perfe...

  • Why Should You Order Blister Tray Packaging For Your Macarons
    • June 10. 2022

    Why Should You Order Blister Tray Packaging For Your Macarons Why should you order blister tray Packaging for your macarons,please read on to find out. When you bakeing macarons cookie, you want your dessert to be perfect show your customers. It's not just the baking process that requires a lot of thought, but also the packaging. Although macarons are small dessert, they can't avoid being damaged ...

  • custom plastic packaging box
    • July 01. 2022

    Custom plastic packaging boxes Available materials of transparent plastic box: PVC, PET, PP, etc.,with good transparency and protection.We are an excellent manufacturer of custom plastic packaging boxes.We can product boxes according to your requirement and design.Transparent plastic boxes can be made of materials of different thicknesses, with different sizes, different prints and designs.Good qu...

  • Novel Macaron display tower and paper cover packaging
    • July 23. 2022

    Novel Macaron display tower and paper cover packaging Macaron tower is the latest move to showcase these super sweet, super delicious macarons at your wedding.Let’s be honest: macarons are lovely and one of the most popular desserts at weddings, but if you don't have the right macaron display tower, macarons become wedding decorations.You see, they're sweet, colorful, and crunchy...But they are al...

  • What's The Difference Between Stock Packaging And Custom Packaging?
    • August 04. 2022

    What's The Difference Between Stock Packaging And Custom Packaging? When you've crafted an amazing product,now is the time to eagerly deliver it to the customer's hands, you should consider the use of product packaging style, should you choose stock packaging box or custom packaging box?When a customer receives goods that like a gift box packaging will makes them excited about what they're orderin...

  • What Is The Process Of Making Plastic Boxes?
    • November 10. 2022

    What Is The Process Of Making Plastic Boxes? The packaging boxes on the market can be divided into plastic packaging boxes, paper packaging boxes and metal packaging boxes.The advantages of custom plastic packaging box are not only its lower produce cost, reliable quality, its foldable function can save storage space and transportation costs, high transparency can see the inside product from the o...

  • What Is PLA Material?
    • June 09. 2023

    What Is PLA Material? What Is PLA Bioplastic? Polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA) is a polyester made from renewable biomass, typically from fermented plant starch like corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp. PLA is a polyester (polymer containing the ester group) made with two possible monomers or ‘building blocks’: lactic acid and lactide.  Lactic acid can be produced by the bact...

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