• What Is The Story Behind Dragon Boat Festival?
    What Is The Story Behind Dragon Boat Festival?
    • June 06, 2024

    What Is The Story Behind Dragon Boat Festival? The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, one of the national holidays, and has been included in the world intangible cultural heritage list, the origin of this festival is said to be the Warring States period. It has a history of more than 2,000 years.  The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as ruiyang festival and the fifth festival. It is said that the Dragon Boat Festival is related to Qu Yuan. Qu yuan was a minister of the state of chu during the spring and autumn period. He advocated the promotion of the wise and the ability to enrich the country and strengthen the army,  and urged the Lord to unite against the Qin Dynasty, which was strongly opposed by the aristocrat Zi LAN and others.  However, he was set up by a base person. He was expelled from the capital by the king of Chu and exiled to a distant land. Hearing the news that Qin troops had captured Chu capital, his heart was torn with grief and anger. Qu Yuan saw the invasion of the motherland, heartbroken, on the fifth day of the lunar calendar, picked up the stone, jumped into theMiluo river. After the legend of Qu Yuan's death, the people of chu were devastated. They came to the pooluo river to salvage the body of qu yuan. The fishermen rowing the boat back and forth on the river, a fisherman took out for qu yuan prepared rice balls, eggs and other food throw into the river, saying is to feed the fish, lobster, crab will not go to the bite the body of Qu Yuan. People followed suit. An old doctor also brought a realgar wine and poured it into the river, hoping that the dragon water beast would faint after drinking it, and would not harm the body of Qu Yuan. Later, people were afraid that the dragon would eat the rice balls, and then they would cover the rice with neem leaves, and then they would be wrappe d in colorful strings and turned into dumplings and thrown into the river,Develops into brown seed.From then on, every year on May 5, there was the custom of racing dragon boat, eating zongzi and drinking realgar wine. The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation and an important part of Chinese culture, which contains rich humanistic spirit. In this festival, we can deeply feel the long history and profound Chinese culture. We Funsoon Packaging should also express our blessings and respect in various ways, and pray for the prosperity of the motherland, social harmony and stability, and the people's peace and contentment.

  • Happy New Year's Day!
    Happy New Year's Day!
    • December 29, 2023

    Happy New Year's Day! New Year's Day falls on January 1 and marks the start of a new year according to the Gregorian calendar. Looking back on the road ahead, in 2023, we Funsoon Packaging met many kindly friends and partners, and we always maintain a positive attitude to provide customers with the best quality custom packaging services. We have focused on a lot of new design styles of packaging on our website, hoping that you will be satisfied and help you find packaging solutions to enhance your brand image. Our company will run into the future with confidence and vigor. See you in the Near Year and we will continue providing your unique paper packaging boxes and plastic packaging boxes and luxury gift boxes as always! We will be on holiday from December 30, 2023 to January 1, 2024,  but for the arrangement of orders and services we are uninterrupted, as long as you need we are always online to provide you with cooperation opportunities. If you have any questions or suggestions on business cooperation, please feel free to contact me via email. Thank you. Wish all my dear friends a happy New Year in advance!

  • Celebrates the China Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day
    Celebrates the China Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day
    • September 28, 2023

    Dear customers and friends, hello! We Funsoon Packaging are about to have eight days of Mid-Autumn Festival and national holidays celebrating these important occasions! Mid-Autumn Festival: The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as theMoon Festival,, is a time of reunion and Thanksgiving. It is traditionally celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, a day to admire the full moon and enjoy delicious mooncakes. At Funsoon, we value family and unity, and this holiday season offers us a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our bonds with loved ones. National Day: October 1st every year is our National Day. National Day marks the founding of our great nation and is a time to reflect on our history and celebrate our achievements. It is a time to express our love and pride for our country. This year, as we celebrate our National Day, let us remember how far we have come and look to an even brighter future together The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are celebrated throughout the country. May this grand festival bring you good luck forever! Our employee will have the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday from September 29 to October 6, 2023, a total of 8 days, and will work normally from October 7. In order to facilitate the majority of customers during the holiday product consultation and visit, we will have a special person to provide you with services, we can talk about business custom packaging boxes and receive orders normally,like sell our existing macaron blister boxes. If you have any questions or suggestions on business cooperation, please feel free to contact me via email. Thank you. Thank you for your unwavering support and we eagerly look forward to our return on October 7, 2023 to continue our business cooperation. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day!

  • The Importance Of Chocolate Packaging
    The Importance Of Chocolate Packaging
    • June 16, 2023

    The Importance Of Chocolate Packaging Chocolate is arguably one of the best and easiest gifts to give. Chocolate is perfect for any occasion or holiday and comes in a variety of different flavors and shapes. There are many things businesses can do to make the outside of chocolate packaging as appealing as the inside. Why chocolate packaging is important. Many believe that consumers do not care about shipping boxes or packaging, but are eager to eat the chocolate inside. However, this is not accurate. Research has shown that chocolate packaging and its marketing play a much bigger role in consumer decision making than people may realize. Like the purpose of chocolate, its purpose as a gift can easily be misinterpreted to be based on the many meanings of the packaging. Changing the design choice of the box for a specific event can give consumers a better reason to buy your product. Holidays like Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas are usually the most popular occasions for people to buy chocolate. So when companies invest in different packaging designs to suit these occasions, they get the most bang for their buck. Chocolate rigid cardboard gift box with window The luxury cardboard box with top clear window design allows people to see the delicious chocolate shapes and patterns from the outside. Opening the box is like opening a gift, making people excited to taste the delicious candy immediately. There are plastic inserts in the box to protect the chocolate in a separate workshop, and there is no worry about the chocolate being packed together in the transport picture. Perfect for festive occasions such as wedding parties. Crystal transparent truffle chocolate plastic boxes set The crystal clear Chocolate truffle box set showcases beautiful chocolate with spherical shaped, suitable for wrapping Brigadeiros Chocolate truffle candies in 4 different sizes for different festive occasions. Chocolate plastic tray Large capacity chocolate plastic tray is more suitable for shop window display, or large party chocolate display tray. Its use is more focused on the purpose than the festive atmosphere brought by the packaging. Funsoon packaing custom different chocolate packaging box is the perfect way to wrap and present your chocolate as a gift or for sale. These boxes can be customized to your specific requirements, ensuring that your chocolate stands out from the crowd. Whether you're a chocolatier who wants to showcase your work, or just looking for a unique way to give a gift, with a range of shapes, sizes and designs to choose from, you can create a truly customized box that perfectly complements your chocolate creation.

  •    Polylactic acid-- a bio-degradable material helps the green
    Polylactic acid-- a bio-degradable material helps the green
    • June 01, 2023

    Polylactic acid-- a bio-degradable material helps the green environment protection Plastic has brought a lot of convenience to our life. Many plastic packagings are used in our clothing, food, housing and transportation.But when it comes to plastic, many people have a common impression -- it's not environmentally friendly.This is because the commonly used petroleum-based plastics are difficult to degrade in the natural environment, and its pollution control is also a worldwide problem.In order to protect the environment we live in together, scientists have put forward the new concept of "originating from nature and returning to nature", and developed synthetic methods of converting corn and other biomass into biodegradable Poly(lactic acid) plastics, which provide feasible solutions to control plastic pollution through the magic of chemistry. --What is PLA material? PLA is not plastic material.It also known as polylactic acid,it is similar plastic material made of plant starch. Different from traditional plastics, it comes from renewable resources such as corn starch, which also makes it biousable and decomposable.Most conventional plastics come from the distillation of non-renewable oil and natural gas."Plastics" derived from biomass, such as PLA, are called "PLA biodegradable plastic". --Its advantages: 1.Environmental protection.Polylactic acid (PLA) is a new type of biodegradable material, using renewable plant resources (such as corn) made of starch raw materials.Starch raw materials through saccharification to obtain glucose, and then from the glucose and a certain strain fermentation into high purity lactic acid, and then through chemical synthesis method to synthesize a certain molecular weight of polylactic acid.It has good biodegradability, can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature after use, and eventually generate carbon dioxide and water, which does not pollute the environment, which is very beneficial to the protection of the environment, and is recognized as an environmentally friendly material. 2. Good mechanical and physical properties.It can be used for all kinds of plastic products, dessertfood packages, fast food lunch boxes, non-woven fabrics, industrial and civil fabrics. It has a unique advantage in disposable tableware, food grade packaging materials and other disposable products.Its ability to fully biodegrade is also in line with the world, especially the European Union, the United States for environmental protection of the high requirements.Our factory has recently produced macaron plastic blister display tray using PLA material, which is very popular with our customers 3. Good compatibility and degradability.Polylactic acid is highly safe for human body and can be absorbed by tissues. Combined with its excellent physical and mechanical properties, polylactic acid can also be used in the field of biomedicine, such as disposable infusion tools non-removable surgical sutures, drug relief packaging agents...

  • What Are The Rigid Boxes?
    What Are The Rigid Boxes?
    • November 18, 2022

    What Are The Rigid Boxes? Rigid boxes are a sturdy paper based box consisting of high thickness (often 2-3mm),use1200gsm ivory cardboard material it is also known as chip board,with wrapped by decorative specialty paper.They are also commonly referred to as set up boxes,gift boxes and premium packaging. Rigid packaging is a popular choice for certain types of products, mainly because of the support and luxurious feel it provides.They are commonly used to wrap cosmetics, jewelry,macaron food and other festive atmosphere as a luxury gift box packaging.Its production process needs to be purely handmade, and the details of the box need to be handled very carefully, so the production cost will be a little higher than other boxes. The production process is as follows: 1.Finished printing on ivory paper according to the completed design drawing, including logo text and printing process with hot foil, embossing, UV, etc. 2.Cut the grey or ivory board into pieces according to the required size, and then glue it to assemble it into the shape of the box. 3.Paste the outer side of the grey board with printed wrapping paper. 4.Take care of the little details of box. 5.pack the box in to cartons,prepare shipping. The most popular of the rigid cardboard boxes is the folding magnet closure box style because collapsible magnetic sealed rigid boxes are shipped flat pack, which greatly reduces shipping and handling costs.Magnetic closure rigid box two magnets are placed in the rigid box and locked together to securely seal the box closed and thanks to its rugged construction, customers can retain and reuse the box use to packaged jewelry and other items.Whenever a customer opens a luxury box and sees a package containing exclusive items made specifically for them, rigid boxes are a great way to create a deep personal connection with your brand.Magnetic closures provide a smooth unboxing experience that your customers are sure to remember!

  • Who are we? What is our business scope
    Who are we? What is our business scope
    • November 03, 2022

    Who are we? What is our business scope? Xiamen Funsoon packaging Co., Ltd. is specializes in the customized production of plastic and paper packaging. The paper packaging box category includes custom macaron boxes, cake gift boxes,cookie donuts pacakaging box luxury chocolate gift boxes, cosmetic gift cardboard boxes. The plastic packaging boxes includes PET, PVC, PP and other transparent plastic boxes, as well as cylinder, lid and base box and other plastic box products. The company was founded in 2006, equipped with a KBA 7+1 Uv offset press, two automatic indentation machines, two automatic high-cycle fusing machines, eight automatic box pasting machines.Professional equipment and professional team, for the general food, electronics, toys, daily necessities and other customers to provide more professional services. For more than ten years, through continuous efforts, we have provided high quality plastic box products directly or indirectly to many famous brand customers, such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Philips, Coffey, Wal-Mart and so on.Our experienced sales and service team can quickly respond to customer needs and always focus on providing better service.We believe that "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, quality is our principle".

  • Customize cosmetics packaging boxes belonging to your brand
    Customize cosmetics packaging boxes belonging to your brand
    • October 14, 2022

    Customize cosmetics packaging boxes belonging to your brand Nowadays, women are more and more interested in beauty, which means that the cosmetics market is getting better and better.It looks easy, but it's actually really hard because there's so much competition now.The bigger the market, the fiercer the competition.So how can you stand out in the market?First of all, you need to establish your own brand, and secondly, you need to establish the packaging box in line with your brand style, which is very important.In consumption, women not only require beautiful appearance and temperament, but also care about the beauty of product packaging.Our Funsoon Packaging can customize packaging boxes for your brand.The box can be customized according to your requirements of size, shape, design, printing, etc.The following are our popular packaging styles. Please follow me to learn more about them: There are two kinds of cosmetic packaging boxes, one is a paper cosmetic packaging box.For example, cracker box,calendar box, scented candle perfume box and so on.The customize cracker boxes are sales very hot, its candy shape and style is sweet, it is very easy to catch customers' eyes, add your brand logo and exquisite printing technology, your box is a unique style.It can be used to pack eyelash boxes, scented candles, lipsticks and other cosmetics for a wide range of applications.If your store has a wide variety of products, you can customize cracker boxes in bulk. Another popular product is the advent calendar box.Its shape is a page turning design like a book. There are 12 days numbers on the inside page, and every number is opened by tearing. Opening every unknown surprise is the way girls like to open presents.A calendar box can package products of different categories, which can increase the sales of products for merchants. Customers also like the design of packaging very much. The other is plastic cosmetic packaging box can be used to package makeup tools, perfume, skin care sets packaging.The box is made of high quality clear PET plastic, high definition can be perfect from the outside to show off your products.Can be customized into any shape to add color to your product and enhance brand image. We Funsoon packaging provides various custom packaging boxes, if you are interested in ordering or customizing, please do not hesitate to contact us, our professional team to provide you with quality service.

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