• Various Styles Of Macaron Containers In Different Sizes And Shapes
    Various Styles Of Macaron Containers In Different Sizes And Shapes
    • September 22, 2022

    Various Styles Of Macaron Containers In Different Sizes And Shapes The delicious and colorful macarons are an elegant and very delicate treat.They need extra durable packaging to ensure the integrity of this fragile dessert during transportation and handling. We offer and custom macarons packaging in different sizes and shapes.These containers are made of high quality ivory cardboard or food grade clear plastic material,and the windows are clear so you can see the color and shape of the macarons.The blister inserts tray will safely hold up to 80 macarons.The sturdy container holds its shape easily and does not bend under pressure.These feature boxes also work with other small candies,mini desserts, truffle chocolates, cookies, cupcakes and donuts.Macaron containers and trays are easy to assemble and do not require additional packing materials or tools such as glue.This dessert is relatively expensive, so snacks must be kept fresh and attractive for as long as possible. This macaron gift box is perfect for bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and small business owners to beautifully display their products and protect their integrity while in transit.Cakes and desserts without packaging may be exposed to dust and air and may become hard and weathered.Buyers prefer to buy sweet foods packaged in boxes because it guarantees their freshness.Also, a macaron in a pretty box would make a great gift just add a cute ribbon and a thank you card!This would be an elegant gift for any occasion: baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birthday, etc. The right packaging makes its contents more attractive to buyers.Macarons look gorgeous, and thanks to the exquisite packaging, they could easily become your best seller of all time.

  • Good quality and inexpensive cupcake containers worth shopping for
    Good quality and inexpensive cupcake containers worth shopping for
    • September 08, 2022

    Good quality and inexpensive cupcake containers worth shopping for There are two types of cupcake containers in the market: paper boxes and plastic boxes.Here are some of the advantages of plastic cupcake containers,please follow me to understand: 1. There is no need to customize the size --- the cavity size is a regular model and most of the cupcake muffins in the market are fit for it. In terms of cost savings, the plastic cupcake container is cheaper than the paper cupcake packaging.Not because of its poor quality, but because it is not limited by size, printing and design requirements, merchants will produce goods in large quantities, so the price will be lower. 2. Fast delivery speed---We have a large stock of plastic cupcake containers, which can be shipped directly. You only have to wait a few days for the goods to reach your door. 3. No assembly required---one pieces style of plastic clamshell cupcake box, with a step seal in the opening, can be assembled by pressing lightly, which also keeps the cupcakes fresh and clean.This feature also allows containers to be stacked, saving storage space and shipping costs for the buyer. 4. Environment friendly degradable material---Our cupcakes containers individual are made of 0.55mm food grade clear PET plastic material, which can be directly touched by food and is safe and recyclable.No odor, strong and durable material, not easy to bend and break, maximum protection of cupcakes and muffins to the hands of customers. 5. High definition---It can be directly from the outside to see beautiful cupcakes with peaked frosting or added decorations. 6. It's beautiful cheap price---The purchase price of plastic materials is relatively low, especially for the mass production of packaging without customized styles, the mass purchase price is cheaper.It can be said that "high quality and low price", quality and low price. We Funsoon packaging provides various capacities of cupcake packaging boxes, if you are interested in ordering or customizing, please do not hesitate to contact us, our professional team to provide you with quality service.

  • Get The Best Macaron Tower Display Packaging Form Us
    Get The Best Macaron Tower Display Packaging Form Us
    • August 26, 2022

    Get The Best Macaron Tower Display Packaging Form Us Our factory with over 10 years of experience in the macaron packaging industry, we produce high quality macaron tower stand display packaging with quite a wide range of styles to choose from, there is bound to be one that will appeal to your customers. Our macaronta is made of 0.7mm food-grade Clear PVC plastic, which can come into direct contact with food and is safe to be recycled and reused.We have stock of the regular style and can deliver the goods immediately, and the customized style can also be delivered within 15 days. In addition, we offer a complete customization service to customize the size and add your store logo printing, ensuring that all your requirements are met.We produce diy macaron pyramid stand and cupcake tower packaging in a variety of sizes and styles.As long as you have creative ideas, we can produce for you.Our professional design team will help you free of charge to give you appropriate advice and a piece. In order to make the macaron display stand you want stand out from the market, you can also ask us to add different decorations, such as ribbons, bows, stickers and other packaging or any other decoration that matches your product.If you have a custom need please feel free to contact us.

  • How to Place Order
    How to Place Order
    • October 15, 2021

    If you want to customize paper box packaging, please refrence following steps: Step 1.Confirming the type and size of the product you want Box overall size:length*width*height Printing color:international standard Pantone colors(be used for the products that hanve exact requirements for the colors) Box shape: lid and base box,corrugated box,drawer box ,magnet box,cardboard box,handle shopping bag Step 2.Confirming the material of the box(about surface,printing techniques) Step 3.Confirming the quantity of products you want.Our MOQ is 1000pcs,once we get your feedback,we will calculate the quatations for you ASAP. Step 4.Corfirming all the details,finish payment. Step 5.Arrange the sample and producing.

  • Unity is strength
    Unity is strength
    • October 15, 2021

    Dear friends, I hope you are doing well. In September of 2021, Xiamen Funsoon Packaging Co., Ltd. was affected by the epidemic. The staff had to work at home, and the production progress was relatively slow. I would like to thank all customers for our understanding and support. Finally, with all the staff working together to fight the epidemic, all our work and production resumed to normal in early October. In order to bring customers a better shopping experience, we will continue to improve products and optimize services. No matter in the order, purchasing raw materials, production and delivery , we will strictly control, so that customers are relieved. For customers who need customization, we will actively feedback with you, according to your requirements repeatedly modify and optimize the design drawings, until you are satisfied.I’m looking forward to better cooperation with you. In production and packaging, we do clean health, no dust. As for shipping, we can deliver goods on time. In terms of service, we will reply to your message within 24 hours. Welcome to consult our products at any time.

  • Test and Certification
    Test and Certification
    • November 15, 2021

    Our company tested our products again in November, and passed SGS certification again. Our company has 10 years of experience in the production of plastic packaging and paper packaging, over the years we continue to optimize the products, the company has passed ISO9001, SGS, intellectual property management system and national high-tech certification. We hope that through the guidance of information industry certification system, let our company's production process more standardized. After years of development, our construction area gradually expanded to 12000 square meters, the staff increased to more than 100 people. To lay a more solid foundation for future development, to meet customer requirements for quality and service.In order to lay a more solid foundation for the future development and match customers' requirements for quality and service. Welcome to consult our products at any time. Best wishes!

  • Why is custom printed packaging important for brands?
    Why is custom printed packaging important for brands?
    • May 12, 2022

    Why is custom printed packaging important for brands? Packaging printing in continuous innovation, there are a variety of custom printing, in order to better distinguish your brand and product, this time packaging printing plays a very important role. Good print packaging can help your brand catch the eye, so that you can remain loud and clear in the marketplace. When we prepare custom printed items for packaging, there are many aspects involved. For example, first we need to make sure we have enough supplies. It is used to make boxes. Secondly, to choose high-quality ink to print, so that you can get first-class printing. By the same token, the design has to be eye-catching and inspiring. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain. All these aspects are interrelated. We could say this is the structure of the market. Nowadays, product packaging is often used to make your unique impact. Now, people are pursuing more exquisite packaging or personalized characteristics of the brand products or services, personalized printing packaging is the key to improve the value of products. Without it, no one will know about your brand or its usefulness. It was the printing strategy that made it possible. A good printing and packaging will bring customers a good experience, thus gradually affecting the sales performance of the whole brand. If you want to enhance your brand and get a great print package, come and join us! For paper packaging and plastic box packaging, we can customize your unique brand packaging according to your needs.

  • Gift boxes can make Christmas unforgettable
    Gift boxes can make Christmas unforgettable
    • May 21, 2022

    In today's society, gift boxes have become a necessity. There are boxes for every activity. Customisation allows them to be made into any shape and size according to people's needs and can be printed in different colours and patterns, which makes the boxes look beautiful and reduces the need for extra wrapping paper. Gift boxes are usually made of cardboard. This quality makes them strong and durable, which better protects the gifts inside. The gift box is fully biodegradable, so it's environmentally friendly and you don't have to worry about polluting the environment. In addition, gift boxes of different colors can also boost sales. Christmas is a happy holiday, everyone wants to exchange gifts with their loved ones on Christmas day. And gift boxes can make Christmas gifts more special, more interesting and add value. We can print beautiful new designs on the boxes to make the gifts more attractive. And these boxes can be used for all types of gifts to make your day especially memorable. Beautiful gift boxes can be more effective for companies to attract customers, and enhance your brand image.There are many different options for gift boxes. Customization allows you to add any idea to your gift box. These packages are sure to add to the fun.

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