What is the process of producing custom packaging boxes

  • 2022-09-14 15:41:08

What is the process of producing custom packaging boxes

In the previous article, we have learned about the materials of the customized packaging box, such as Pantone Color and Die Line Drawing. So today, let's learn about the process of producing the customized packaging box:

First, you (customer) provide your packaging products to us, for your products, we have a professional design and structure team to design you to make you satisfied with the box customization.We provide all the plastic and paper packaging customized, we have rich experience in the field of custom macaron packaging, we can also customize cosmetics gift boxes,Christmas calendar boxes, cigarette blister packaging, melt wax blister packaging, etc.

Two, if you have a suitable packaging box for your products, you can take pictures or send the box to us to customize the box manufacturer, we will design the box according to the box you provide,and make the same box as yours.

Three, we need you to provide the specific size of packaging box, material and material thickness, box style, printing requirements, customized quantity, additional process,then we can accurately give you a quotation.(Customized quantity is very importent, the more the quantity you order, the lower the price).Because it involves the edition fee, start-up fee, loss and other problems), the specific process we can also give you advice and guidance!

custom varies packaging box

Please refer to the followings:

1. Product specifications and size.Refers to the product's inner size: length X width x height(Centimeters or inches)

2. Determine the box material.Plastic material or paper material or special paper/double copper paper

3. Determine the style of the packaging box.Drawer box,lid and base box, clamshell box, special shaped box, folding box,rigid magnet gift box.

4. Determine the accessories of the packaging box.Such as matching paper shopping bags, insert tray and dividers,ribbons,thank you card,stickers label.

5. Determine the printing method and process flow.Embossing,screen printing/ UV/convex/hot stamping/hot silver

6. Product sample box.Because of the particularity of the packaging, the customer has no intuitive concept of the appearance of the packaging box, we can give you free design drawingor physical samople then send to you, waiting for your confirmation.In addition, if you bring your own design drawing file then you need to send your manuscript file to us.

7. Confirm the order.After confirming the sample box is correct, you can place an order with us, and our factory will start the customized production of packing box.

8. Payment/billing.Pay by bank card or cash 30% down payment when placing an order and the balance must be paid before delivery.(Invoicing requires additional tax points)

9.About confirm receipt.

If you need customized packaging, please feel free to contact us, our professional team to give you quality service, to create a box to meet your requirements.

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